"I'm a great believer in vulgarity - if it's got vitality. A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste - it's hearty it's healthy, it's physical. I think we could use more of it. NO taste is what I'm against"
- Diana Vreeland

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My favourite trends this season

There are so many different ways you can incorporate your own unique style into this seasons trends. From tartan to PVC, vampy reds to neon colours. Here are some of my favourite trends that I'm just falling head over heels for.
First and foremost, my favourite, checks. I love all checked prints, tartan, plaid, dogtooth you name it. These prints take you from office chic to grunge freak. Any checked print you go for team with leather to emphasize the pattern and stand out more.

This trend is particularly interesting to me as you can grab anything feminine and chuck on some leather, fur, biker boots, dark lippy and it would create a mysterious, dark and dangerous grunge look. I love it because it is for everyone. Raid your nan's wardrobe and change it up with some modern pieces to get that edge, you'll be the envy of all when you strut your stuff down the street. 
PVC is a new one for me. I first saw it in TOPSHOP, a baby pink poodle skirt and couldn't stop thinking about it when I left the store (unfortunately it was days before payday). It's a twist to any outfit, that umph to any wardrobe. Designers like Burberry, Kenzo and Jonathan Saunders are portraying it in their collections with long parkas and macs and tailored dresses. PVC looks great in any colour so add a piece to your wardrobe and make a statement.
This is a crazy trend, rebelling against the mainstream. Geometric patterns, neon colours, studs, fur, leather, PVC. Its an amazing trend to go out your comfort zone and try mixing and matching, express your inner punk because no matter what you put together you can never go wrong. Think David Bowie, he knows how to rock it. Go wild with electric blues or pinks, golds and silvers. Punk swept the nation in the 80s influenced by bands such as the Sex Pistols, The Crash and the Ramones. So start your own punk movement and see what amazing outfits you come up with.
Inspiration and ideas from Cosmopolitan's no 1 issue of Fashion. Images collected from Google. 

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